This is an interesting scene in the sense that the hardware on the German side is impressive: we see a Flak 88 - one of the most feared guns of the Second World War -, a Tiger tank and a Panzer Jäger IV. The Tiger tank is conveniently parked with his back to the frontline and his gun in transport position. Then you see what you often see when the Americans attack: the Germans freeze and do nothing whereas the crews of Tiger tanks were elite and the Panzer Jäger were known for their aggressiveness. On the American side also all kind of curious things happen. First a general shows up: this is very atypical because American senior officers are known to rarely appear on the front line. Then the American attack: This is a classic attack that could have come straight out of the First World War: a line of soldiers who are just short of bayoneting the enemy line. It is known that under pressure, Allied units did indeed fall back on this type of tactics.